John and Sally McKennas’ Guides 2018



The Stuffed Olive may be Tardis tiny, but the energy in this Wild Atlantic Way landmark could fill a stadium.
We all go to The Stuffed Olive to enjoy delicious things to eat, from those perfect cups of coffee to the most sublime salads, sandwiches and pastries. But, truthfully, hand-on-heart, we all go to The Stuffed Olive to mainline the awesome energy that Trish and the team pour into every little thing they do. Every bite you eat has body and soul wrapped up in the dough, or the braise, or the drink, or that sweet hit of goodness, and everything is conceived, created and delivered with such generosity that it is humbling. In The Stuffed Olive we see the majesty of food, made through the dignity of creative labour, and it is a mighty and beautiful thing to behold.