Welcome to The Stuffed Olive

Run by Patricia Messom with the help of her daughters Sarah & Grace O’Shea The Stuffed Olive is a Food & Wine store providing ready prepared meals, salads, cakes & desserts and providing light takeaway lunches.

We are committed to selecting only the very best of local produce. We stock a wide range of artisan products including chocolates, coffee, wines and pastas. We also make a large variety of desserts scones, breads ,quiches, tarts and ready to go meals.

An add on service is to provide outside catering.

1 thought on “Welcome to The Stuffed Olive”

  1. Dear Tricia,
    now I found finally your wonderful shop. You remember? We went fishing with your husband and later we had thea and your cakes on the terrace of your nighbour. She has a difficult name, it was”Shivan”. And we stayed there as well. But I still remember your cozy living room with all these wonderful baking-books. And now, I will have a German apple cake!!!! All the best and please say “hi” to your husband (the 🎏 man)

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